when i picture space, i picture 1960s space fishbowl helmets

i don't understand why we aren't all wearing space helmets from a 1960s movie all the time yet.

clever oomans (it's fancy when you don't pronounce Hs, don't you think?)

good grief is this month over yet?  www.write31days.com
I'm adding Ali Fitzgerald to my list of clever humans.  Man, is she funny!  Crazy off-the-wall cartoons in her column at McSweeney's
Delusional Rat makes me laugh ever so uneasily. 
She hits a little close to home, maybe for many of us.

the world is rated R

Day 17 of 31 Days of Blogging & Doodling

“The world is rated R and no one is checking IDs.
Do not try to make it G by imagining the shadows away.
Do not try to hide your children from the world forever,
But do not pretend there is no danger. 
Train them.
Give them sharp eyes
and bellies full of laughter.
Make them dangerous...
And when they’ve grown, they will pollute the shadows.”

--N.D. Wilson

bellies full of laughter

chomp chomp chomp never -- Day 16

I bought a scale for the first time in my life
and thank God.
i was just living like some animal before,
no one to tell me how to feel
what mood to be in,
whether I'd go running or not that day
what to eat,
whether to eat,
how to feel about what i ate yesterday, and maybe even last October.
yeah, things are really getting on track now that i have you, Chevelle (that's my scale's name).
sometimes i wake up happy,
but you straighten that out immediately.
"sober up, Charo.  things aren't that cheerful." 
sometimes i think i might finish that new book --
but you remind me to hit the pavement instead.
those wings were delicious last night,
"yeah, enjoy 'em...all week long, Mofo."
Chevelle's a real bitch.
i weigh exactly what i weighed when i started stand up comedy;
which means if i gain even one more pound
i'll have to start doing it again.
it is my fat camp.
and i really don't have time for that.
so instead, i'll just keep reading this quote I've plastered into my journal
like a Gregorian chant:

 but if I get healed of that and the anxiety,
i'll just be some normal person
who's pleasant to be around.
that would suck...
for no one.